Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Day 319.40

I felt a little skeptical (see photo at left for proof that I can.)

Felt like shit since Monday night. Even this morning's session was 'testing' my understanding of 'listening to your body'.

My neck hurt, legs were jello and I felt like passing out was next. But we made it through. Then it was off to Silverdale for another blood draw, a visit to Goodwill and Trader Joe's and the long drive home.

Where I promptly turned the heater to high and headed into the bedroom for a nap.

It was not a good rest.

Afternoon shift and phone calls, e-mails, follow-ups and plans. Where to live and where to park the RV. Not to mention how to pay for it all.

By three I had to hit the road again and get a prescription filled before heading over to make Junior a snack after school (tonight was rigatoni with sauteed onions, green peppers and tomato).

While I was at the drug store I checked blood pressure. At risk it said. I repeated the drill with the same result. 126 over 87. WTF? I have never had high BP. Maybe it's the new meds. Maybe not.

Once at the PB I had a decision to make. Ride or not. After getting the others off and spinning I calibrated my CT and took off for a 2x20 set at a wattage number 15 below normal. The goal was to keep HR well under control, and if possible, under 112.

It was a good night, protocols met and second session completed.

Afterwords one of the guys had some killer double IPA. I drank two small bottles of water and then sipped the strong brew. I was fearful that dehydration was partially to blame for the last two day's malaise.

Two Swiss cheese on dill rye's on the way home and now I sit and re-cap the day.

Had I made the best decisions?

Had I been an idiot?

Is this the cause or the cure?

I feel OK, and trust that with a solid eight hours of REM and another 40 grams of protein, I will be ready to start it all over again tomorrow.

Am I supposed to be skeptical all the time?

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