Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Day 305.26

This amazing saga just keeps getting better.

Better or worse.

Depending on your half full/half empty outlook.

As we heard this morning, it HAS been a long strange trip.

I was rejected.

I lost $500 earnest money. I should have known better.

Contingent upon approval.

The hospital turned me over to collection because I went to the ER while my application for financial assistance was being processed.

They ran a credit check.

Guess what showed up?

Gal said we just can't be liable.

I said that is a hard line considering I just paid cash for the unit.

Sorry, she said.

I called the realtor back and pleased my case.

No return call.

Have we become that callus a society?

Or is it me?

Either way the sun will rise tomorrow and I will have another chance to prove my mettle.

I am thankful for that.

.26 note: I am in second day on the new arrhythmia med, amiodorone, and it is wicked. In the same way that things are better (or worse).

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