Friday, November 7, 2014

Day 307.28, Five Days on the Road

It was brought to my attention that my Post: Day Number… is slightly shy of an accurate count.

Here were are on November 7, officially the three hundred and eleventh day of this wonderful year, and I am only on post number three hundred and six (seven including this.)

Seems I have lost five days, misplaced them or been the victim of time theft. And while I prefer to see it as the latter, it most likely is the former.

I could go back and do some research but I am going to take the honorable way out and simply double the dosage until we get back in agreement with Father Time. Or with the fact checkers at the publishing company that produced my mini day timer.

And just so you know, I have my day timers in storage going all the way back to 1987. Sometimes I leaf through them to see what I was doing on any given day ten, or twenty, years ago. Silly, I admit but often entertaining.

As an example, on this day twenty-six years ago I was agonizing over what to get my GF at the time (still one of my faves) for a Thanksgiving present. I think that says a lot in itself. The note in the small space simply stated, think outside the box.

If I recall I ended up getting her a beautiful sweater from Nordstroms (in a spectacular box) in a mixture of her favorite colors, olive green and burnt umber (with a touch of orange.) She wore it magnificently and it made me smile every time she did.

I have fond memories of those days. Sometimes fanning through the pages of year's past reminds me of the importance of creating good nows, so that they, too, will one day become dates with which to retrospectively warm my soul on chilly autumn afternoons.

Of late here has been tough rows of hoeing. Backbreaking emotional work. Keeping the weeds and blackberry brambles at bay as I try to prep the soil for winter and the coming spring. Things have been changing fast. Good decisions are critical from here on out.

I think if I can light the way with a smile, some compassion and a little more awareness, we might find those five days somewhere. After all they were part of this road too.

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