Thursday, November 20, 2014

Day 320.41, Ironman

Another shitty day. Light headed, hypo tension, chest wheezing, lack of balance
But we have a way to go. I am going to try another "easy"  2x20 session at a a lower than usual wattage setting. Why, you say?

Because that is the time, almost the ONLY time, that I feel even halfway decent.

Is it blood flow? Is it HR? Is it something other than physiological?


Had an update on the MWR job, looks like they might have an opening in December, a mere eleven days away. Surely I can hold on till then.

In an effort of extreme desperation I even looked at the Social Security benefits I could receive if I was to file now.

Didn't know that one can also hold regular employment as one is collecting SS compensation.

If nothing happens in the next eleven days, alright I'll give it the seasonal twelve, that trigger will be squeezed.

Hate to do it, but not a lot of options. My days as an amateur Ironman are also fading to black, much like hot asphalt on the Queen K.

I should have listened to Mom and stayed in school.

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