Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Day 312.33, A DGWO

Lurking in the shadows of our need to control, under the hood of complex rhetoric and posing as experience and wisdom hides a simple reality.

You can bring in all the technology, use all the tools and listen to a thousand voices.

The same message is delivered (not necessarily understood) every time, every day.

Here it is, bottom-line, no sugar coating, in black and white, fundamental and basic:

What we are after in anything attempting to address the physical is the relentless search for a DAMN GOOD WORK-OUT.

That's it. I don't care about specificity, training blocks, cross-fits or tri-athletics, what my body (and therefore my soul) demands is intensity.

How hard, how long and how fast.

As we are fond of saying, 'you are an American, you have freedoms' (Thanks Veterans), 'that you may put into play in any way that both excites your body, satisfies your soul and allows a meditative calming of mind.'

IOW a DGWO. A dang good work-out.

The rest will take care of itself. As standing atop a volcano at 10,000 feet will take care of your blues.

I hate to be blunt, but them's the facts.

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