Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Day 325.46

This one has to be brief. I am bushwhacked. It as been a long, trying day. Sent off electronic data from the pacer this afternoon. The machine/process is trick. It (wirelessly) downloads data from the unit, saves it and then sends it via modem to the cardiology department.

Where they compare the data to whatever, whomever, or however they think has value. I hope they tell me that the weekend was a wild one, because even without the Husky victory over OSU, the pump was wild as a goose. If they confirm this, they will probably increase the dosage of the wicked drug I am currently taking as a anti-arrythmatic (if that is a word.) Yuk.

We shall see, The last time (first time) that we did this procedure the data matched up nicely with, WOW,  the blog data. Meaning every time I told you that we had a killer workout, a DGwo, or that I felt like shit, it was verified by the data. Like I told my nephew tonight, that is pretty slick. To which he simply smiled and shook his head. I wonder if he is thinking, 'yikes, my two Uncles had it, my Grandfather has it and his father had it, does that mean???????' I hope not.

Other than that so much is shaking that it feels like LA. Taking the G5 to the shop tomorrow for ER visit, the beautiful video I shot at the SeaGull century ride is the wrong frame rate, my sister is flying in from DC Thursday and we have no place to house her, my truck is making funny noises from the transmission area, I spent ONE HOUR on hold with the SS Admin today.....and we're out of beer.

Good news?

I'm still here (see photo.) We can build from that.

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