Saturday, November 29, 2014

Day 329.50. Them Apples

Seems as how I drove to the 'office' this morning in the snowy darkness, and drove home (after a trip the the new museum with Junior, Kathy and Michael) with the crackle under foot of frozen maple leaves and black ice, I recalled two sayings from my days in the 'real' winters of North Central Washington.

1) Don't heat the place, heat the space. The translation calls for the immediate warming of where you are, not where you've been or where your heading. Heat THAT space, not the entirety of your place.

2) Tribal Elder say: White man build big fire and sit far away. Indian build small fire and sit close. I am fairly confront that number two needs no translation.

These because it is going to get cold tonight. Right now it is 29. I have one small electric heater with the impossible assignment (glad I got that one out of the way yesterday), of heating the entire 33' of the RV. Which, as an aside, has nary a stitch of spun glass, rigid or even old newspaper as insulation. As I sit and type to you the aforementioned heater is a foot away from my left knee. And the right one is freezing.

Tonight out in Pullman is the 107th Apple Cup. It will get well into the teens in the Palouse. My intrepid Huskies are coming off their best two games of the season and playing well in all three phases. Still this game always scares the hell out of me. Rivalries are like that. Toss the records aside. Go for broke. Play lights out, hair on fire. For sixty minutes. That's all. Last game for the seniors at Wazzu, with one more (a bowl game) for the Dawgs.

As we say in Huskyville, GET THE DUB DAWGS!

Washington 38 Washington State 14.

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