Sunday, November 23, 2014

Day 323.44

I started out thinking I might try a 'What we learned this week' piece. So I began.

Got as far as two. After that it went straight into a flow of consciousness diatribe on how I am feeling (not good), what the Republicans are saying they will soon think about maybe doing (none of it good) and the Huskies football team.

So I will re-title this 'Two things we learned this week'  leaving the rest to your fertile imaginations.

One: Life is short. Duh. This might be the absolute, unbeaten, untied, King of all Clichés. But it is true (as the case with most clichés.)

Contrasting my stabbing chest pains with my friends incurable cancer is like comparing the sardines I had for lunch with a two hundred pound bluefin tuna. In the end (sorry) it is all the same. We are all gonna go one fine day and it almost always seems to be before we have done the things we REALLY wanted to do. Solution to number one: Do them now.

Two: The deck is stacked against us. Who is us? The poor, the impoverished, the weak, the unemployed, the sick, the uninsured, the ninety-nine percent. Those of us who used to be called blue collar. The middle class. We had just enough education to get a job that paid a living wage. But no more. I am finding this out first hand in a humbling, embarrassing, humiliating way. Try this: Get sick, pile up medical bills, lose job, run up credit card debt, watch as unpaid bills go to collections resulting in bad credit, gas at $3/per, and a loaf of bread twice that. Then try to rent an apartment. Solution to number two: I'll tell you when I find it.

Th Huskies did knock the stuffing out of Oregon State last night, so that is something.

We can build from on that.

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