Friday, November 14, 2014

Day 314.35, Rainier Beer

Applied for another job today. Here's how it went:

Found a post on Craig's List announcing FOUR IMMEDIATE OPENINGS.

Considered the position, scope and impact. Took that answer and matched it up against supply, demand, here and now.

Having my answer, I cold-fired the Ranger and took off to visit company, a short drive North. But not before doing a last minute grooming and wardrobe upgrade, of course.

It is heart warming to step into a lobby and see a floor to ceiling trophy case. Especially when the top shelves are filled with what appeared to be a complete collection of both Rainier and Olympia beer bottles. Below that a  picture caught me eye. The 1954 Rainier's championship softball team. Appeared to be a co-ed team.

I made my way towards the front desk where a woman sat and stared into a computer monitor for just a bit longer than polite. I am in no hurry today I thought as I prepared my announcement that I was here to accept one of the four positions, and that she would most likely be the recipient of a HUGE Christmas bonus as a result of the hire.

She reached into a cabinet drawer file and plopped a ten page application on the counter, adding, 'and you must include a three-year driving abstract with the completed forms,' without making eye contact.

I am back in the Ranger planning my next self-employed, free-agent, independent contractor brand make-over.

Driving home I think of a quote from the recently read Edward Abbey' epic Fool's Progress.

EA said (something to this effect because now I can't find it among the 400 pages) that he would NEVER settle for a job he didn't like in town where he didn't want to live. This after informing his adoring audience that he had a 'strong liking for pretty girls and a strong dislike for regular work.' My kinda guy.

I take the application and head to the DMV, punched, but still standing. As number 118 I wait patiently in line for a half-hour. The record is $13 and I pay cash. It contains details of a speeding violation issued in 2011 as I made my way to Coeur d' Alene for an Ironman shoot. Officer, I was keeping up with traffic, not impaired, with ten mile visibility in this perfectly maintained rental car.

Sign here.

I fill out the ten pages and attach the document. I drive back up the highway, park in the same spot and enter the lobby.

I glance again at the photo and beer bottles.

She looks up. 'Can I help you?'

Yes, I was here an hour ago and have the paperwork ready for the open position, I can start Monday.

Including the driver's abstract?

Yes. Seems I had a speeding ticket in Grant County three years ago, my bad.

Ha, she shouts I got one there in 1954 on my way to the softball championship in Spokane, that is the biggest speed trap in the state.

So it's not a problem?

Heck no.

I taste the refreshing, crisp taste of Rainier Beer and smile.

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