Saturday, November 8, 2014

Day 308.29; Redemption

It is early and I don't have the time to tell the whole story. However;

The wind blew a cold and relentless rain sideways. Braving elements we sat, unprotected, to watch the Dawgs gnaw the Bruins to a slow death and a National Championship. It was November 10, 1990.

It turned to pain, to agony, to suffering, to hope, to a prayer and then just as quickly to agony again. We lost to a team we should have beat badly.

I have been thinking about that game for twenty-four years and have a few ideas, but nothing so solid as to make a case.

Today we have the chance at revenge. To atone for what the giants that fought before us failed to do. We can win.

But today we are not supposed to win. By all rights and measurements UCLA is the better team.

In 1990 the Huskies were the better teem and would go on the next year to claim a National Championship.

But on that day the best team, the victory and its spoils went to the team that had just a little bit more than their opposition.

Luck, will, stamina, chemistry, fan base support, a fumble here a missed block there?

All we have is this day. We have prepared well, we have weathered distraction and obstacle along our path, but the opportunity for greatness lies inside every one of us. As a team, together, fighting our best for a single cause. One outcome. Today:

Breathe, relax, focus and do what must be done. Let us be great.

Redemption today in a glorious and GREAT 27 - 21 Husky victory. WOOF!

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