Monday, November 24, 2014

Day 324.45 Big

On paper it looks big, daunting even.

Not Ironman daunting, or 1099 long form big, or first date big, but big in relationship to last week big.

It is simply the workout schedule for the week, with Thanksgiving and Sunday's first-time event tossed in as spice.

The bigness has a trickle-down effect. Meaning that to properly execute this aggressive agenda, one must eat well, rest often and keep a focus on structure.

All of which got me to thinking about, well, what it is ALL about.

What is it all about?

After considering several angles from several perspectives, this noble concept was rendered to one notion.

Because we know that the victory doesn't always go to the fastest, the strongest, the one with most endurance or the one with better sponsorship.

Is it about money? No.
Is it about fame? No.
Is it about winning at all costs? No.
Is it about the challenge? No (but sometimes.)
Is it about improvement through practice? No (but not always.)
Is it about social interaction? No (mostly.)
Is it about teamwork? Not in triathlon.
Is it the search for beauty? No (but a great sunset always seems to help.)
Is it about good health and superior fitness? No (but close.)
Do we seek immortality? No.

So what?

What is it, or WHY is it that we do what we do? Work so hard, make so many sacrifices, suffer for our goals, spend boatloads of cash to better level the playfield?

That absolute is this:

We do all this to practice the esoteric art of experiencing the now.

Because we know that is where the magic hides. That is where we unite mind, body and spirit. That is where we refill the gas tanks of our souls. It is the miracle of mindfulness in the motion and movement of the moment. Satori.

Anything less is, to quote Pre, wasting the gift.

I am honored to have this ambitious schedule to allow me more practice this merry week.

It looks big on paper. It is HUGE in action.

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