Thursday, April 30, 2015

Day 4.120 Coffee on Stovetop

The wi-fi is out again. Interesting how that changes everything. Sure, there is a frustration factor, the minor inconvenience, but I am trying to hackchop a promo video and need access to information. NOW.

I have succumbed to the modern world of having the collective data of everything at my fingertips. All I need is a name. I know exactly where to find her correct spelling and current title.

I could call but that is too slow. They would put me on hold or I would have to leave a voice message. The ignominy!

I need the info this very instant.

So I will head down to the Starbucks and borrow some of their bandwidth.

This irks me for two additional reasons. One obvious being that it is a waste of time and resources, the other being Starbucks has been leaving a bad taste in my mouth since their inception. I might be the last reaming person on this planet who has spent less than $10 at any of their ten billion stores. The only time I go there is when somebody gives me a gift certificate…..

…or I need the wi-fi.

So this is how we'll play it today; I am sitting this very moment making my daily post, after that I will gather the info necessary to complete the video. I will dash home, add the text and render for YouTube. I will transfer the completed video to a thumb drive, return here and upload. All that will take about three hours.

Might as well get started. There is a lot of cable to pull.

At least there is coffee on the stovetop.

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