Saturday, April 18, 2015

Day 4.108 MOM it HURTS

OK, this:

"Suffering is necessary until you decide that suffering is unnecessary."

I have been using a variant of this in our indoor training for some time now. I have always liked the underlying magic of its simplicity.

Today we hammered out our weekly 90 minute set with a series of hill climbs. Considering the beautiful blue skies overhead and immediately outside, it was a wonder we had anybody riding inside at all.

But we got after it. I experimented with some new (old) tunes and the time passed about the way it always does. One second after another. With the kicker being that whatever mind-set we have at the time completely dictates the experience and its value. You may suffer if it is your definition or you may simply do what must be done and enjoy the ride and define your effort afterwords. Either way will all arrive at the top of the hill in a near proximity.

Did you have fun? Did it kill you? Were you present and aware of the compound changes taking place? Did you consider shooting the instructor?

You can suffer. Or not. It is up to you. It is very much like looking into the sun. It can be spectacular or blinding.

However (you knew there was going to be a however) I guarantee that if you transcend the suffering and look at effort, challenge and hard work as something other than an evil prank, your game will improve exponentially.

Or like we considered this morning, winning isn't the important part, the important part is taking pride in your progress no matter the pace.

These things take time.

Time is fleeting and the clock is running.

So you had better make it count.

Lose the suffering and embrace the opportunity of challenge. Witness the struggle lovingly and encourage continual improvement.

The unnecessary suffering will continue until you decide it is wasteful, counter productive and childish.

But Mom, it hurts.

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