Monday, April 20, 2015

Day 4.110 The Streak is Over (long live the streak)

The streak is over. We made it 109 days. In legal parlance I will plead nolo contendere or perhaps the more simple, guilty with explanation.

I give you power to be judge and jury.

My case presented:

As the North Cascades Highway, SR20, one of the most scenic roads in the Evergreen State opened early this year due to man-created global warming (objection), and that I was officially "off" for the day, and that further, the sun was allegedly going to shine at a glorious Fahrenheit rate of 70 plus degrees, I decided to go video said highway.

After selling the plan to HQ they sent it down the hall to logistics. How the heck are we going get this in the can for the budgeted amount (zero)? AND be back in time for 0530 class in the morning?

Eyebrows raise and postures are adjusted as interest suddenly grows. I can almost hear the defense thinking 'this should be good.'

0430 wake up.
Park at RGs and trot to the 0520 boat, fully loaded in one backpack.
Walk to light rail station in Pioneer Square.
Catch train to Sea-Tac.
Pick up rental car.
Drive to Marblemount (118 miles).
Mount cams, connect to GPS, buy a coffee and hit record.
Shoot the 90 miles Marblemount to Mazama (see photo as Exibit A)
Shoot the 75 miles between Winthrop to Chelan.
Stop at the Subway.
Drive back to Sea-Tac via Stevens Pass in heavy Sunday traffic.
Take rail back to Pioneer Square station.
Walk to 2110 ferry.
Walk to RG'a and pick up ruck.
Drive home.

All that was almost five hundred miles, seventeen hours and sixty-six dollars and fifty-seven cents, including lunch.

So your honor, that is my story, sad but true, every word.

With the kind permission of the court I will make two posts tomorrow as repentative compensation, and solemnly vow never repeat my foolishness.

I smile when she says that having the streak snapped at 109 is punishment enough (the bloggers version of time served).

You may go.

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