Monday, April 13, 2015

Day 4.103 Great Start

Bauerism of the day (to be henceforth referred to as the DJB - Daily Jack Bauer quote):

Jack: (To Rick, the kidnapper of Kim, who has now changed caps and is helping the Bauer Three escape from the evil compound of Gaines, under heavy fire as Rick nurses a gunshot wound that JB has examined and determined to be non life threatening as the slug passed straight through without shattering bone or slashing a main artery): "Part of getting a second chance is taking responsibility for the mess you created in the first place."

House of Mirth WOD (Work Out of the Day): 15 seconds standing at double-shot power (twice your body weight) followed by a 45 second seated recovery at 7/120 (flat and super fast). 3x12 with a 5 minute break between sets.

This morning in class I referenced an article on the 'Blue Zones' of the planet where people have a substantially higher rate of reaching 100. Here is the abbreviated cliff-notes version of how they do it:

1) They move their bodies a lot.
2) They eat local, practical and organic to 80% of 'full'.
3 They hang in support groups that embody healthy habits.

I also mentioned this morning that I love Mondays. Mondays are the Spring of weekdays. There is hope, there is rebirthing and there is the opportunity for a fresh start.

Good enough for me.

Hang in a support group that embodies healthy habits. And listen to what JB says.

Great start.

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