Thursday, April 9, 2015

Day 4.99 On Viking Time

Seemed like a big waste of time.

Dropped my truck off at Les Schwab to have new shocks installed and then walked to the accountant to have my taxes done.

Those two chores took six hours.

But I did have breakfast with Dad and made the obligatory Thursday visit to the clinic for a blood draw. My INR is still low and they want to up the dosage again.

After all that I had just enough time to burn the April 2x20 DVD and now I am ready to head out for the PowerBarn for our last evening training ride of the week.

After that I will do some protein, make a sandwich, down a couple of glasses of shiraz and watch another two episodes of 24 (First Season). I had forgotten the superb sound and video editing that they made look as easy as JB getting info from a bad guy.

That is my rather boring report from today. I hope to add some pizzaz to tomorrow's post.

At least I get $34 back and my truck tracks like a Caddy.

Time well spent.

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