Friday, April 3, 2015

Day 4.93 Patience

A long day spent being patient.

As in, actually being a patient.

On the advice of my staff I checked in the ER at UW Med early this afternoon. The usual stuff: Chest pains, hypotension, sever dizziness and a new twist, this sensation of being tazed. Please don't misconstrue, I have never actually been hit with a tazer, but I am quite sure that if and when I am, I will have an idea of what it feels like. Same with a stroke.

So they told me to go the the ER.

Being a good patient, I followed orders, albeit after I treated myself to a German pancake, scrambled eggs and hash browns breakfast at Elmer's. I figured, what the hey, might as well splurge a little before the splurging comes from a cup with a crooked straw.

Six hours, EKGs, blood and urine tests and visits from three specialists later, I was discharged with the follow up instructions to call the cardiologist, the office of whom suggested earlier that I visit the ER.

As has happened in the past, I felt great while resting comfortably in the plush digs of this outstanding facility. But on the ferry ride home, I got tazed again and almost couldn't walk off the boat.

ARE YOU SERIOUS? I asked no one in particular, venting.

I feel better now after some rice and beans (and two mucho frio Negra Modelos). But we need to get this thing figured out.

I am running out of patience.

At least the sunset was nice.

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