Saturday, April 25, 2015

Day 4.115 The Seat of Power

The metaphor was not lost upon me. It is the final episode of season two. District supervisor Ryan Chappelle has been sent to replace Tony Almeida at CTU. Tony & Michelle are still assisting Jack in the hope of finding the new Mr Bad before the new POTUS can drop a payload on the countries supposedly sponsoring the terror. Ryan has imprisoned Tony & Michelle for insubordination and maybe treason. But Jack (again) saves the day in heroic fashion and Ryan releases Tony. After a moving scene with Jack and Kim we switch back to CPU where Ryan is taking most of the credit for the success of the counter-terrorism victory on a phonon with the SecDef. We all know that medal should be presented to Jack and when Tony after being released comes back to his office, the directors seat is housing Ryan. Chappelle gives Tony the low-down brief and tosses a back door compliment his way for his efforts. Then Tony says:

"Look, it's like this, either you fire me or get outta my chair."

Mr. Chappelle closes some files, stacks them neatly in his arms, smirks at Tony and leaves.

It was a great scene, a perfect conclusion to an incredible season.

Oh yeah, the metaphor. The seat has clout. You must take 100% ownership of the seat. The seat is a symbol of everything right, just, moral and true. The seat has power. The seat is everything.

Just like what you sit upon when riding outside or spinning in.

Fire me or get outta my seat.

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