Monday, April 27, 2015

Day 4.117 The Target

If it is all in the definition, then let's redefine the definition.

I believe that there is a not-so-small distinction between work and play.

As usually I am using indoor cycle training as the metaphor. Is it work or play?

Those of you who have sat opposite the instructors riser in 'class' or the many who have sat alongside in our Multi-Rider facility have a very good idea as into which camp I fall.

It is work. Pure, simple, fist and foremost. What makes this review necessary is the fiscal responsibility I uphold in the attempt to be all things to all people. Lord knows I have run a few people off that weren't quite all-in with this level of commitment. The fiscal part comes from the contract between myself and the club where they pay me to lead the sessions. From their view it would be better, much better, to have a class full of students paying half-attention than a half-full class of folks giving their usual 110%. So it is also with the PowerBarn. I spend five days a week doing the same thing but with different tools. It's like I work for GM during the day as a parts assembler and moonlight over at Ferrari as a test driver. The days are for dough and the nights for show.

My dough is a currency called hard work. I am not here to entertain so you don't notice what changes are taking place with your mind, your body and/or your spirit.
You want mindless fun - there are plenty of places that specialize in it - go there. Please do not waste my time, the time of your peers, or your own in my house. Take it where it is acceptable to give 50%, to dummy-down or to dismiss the importance of our work. I would rather you have pizza, beer and The Three Stooges.

But should you decide that honest effort, hard work and focused dedication to an ideal (your health & fitness) are important to you - then come on in. And be prepared to step outside your comfort zone. One more thing: HAVE SOME RESPECT. For your teammates, the captain, the organization and yourself.

Now the clincher.

I believe that an all out sincere effort on the path of improvement - is fun. Guess I am a little weird that way.

It is same way that we used to motivate ballplayers. We recognize that winning isn't the only thing, that the willingness to do whatever is necessary to achieve that outcome is, and that result, victory, also happens to be a lot more fun than losing, is the full circle.

When your definition of fun comes as the result of hard work, effort, focused execution of a protocol and improvement, then you have it.

When hard work becomes play.

When winning becomes fun.

When you decide to do whatever necessary to achieve the results of the present moment.

Your definition is on target.

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