Thursday, April 23, 2015

Day 4.113 We Shall See

We started a new era last night.

It is the same-old-stuff (SOS) but with a twist, or perhaps better, a new spin.

I took over the Wednesday night spin class at our local club, The Bainbridge Athletic Club. I had to juggle our schedule at the PB to do so, but I think it will prove to be a good move.

I wanted to start fresh with this new group so we immediately reviewed the basics, the whys and hows, ways and means. There is only so much anyone can say about indoor cycling without eventually either burning out on cliched rhetoric or tip-toeing into tangential terrain. I have done both. To excess.

But last night was different. It was good for me to refresh as well. I tried my best to entertain, a huge requirement for the evening classes, not so much for the 0530 die-hards who expect simple hard work, and to educate as any instructor can size up a group pretty quick with experience. It is like walking up to a race and determining your necessary effort based upon who else has showed up. I have called it advanced dialect body language.

It was also an interesting night because the local press was sending over a photog to support an article they are compiling about our community cycling scene. I had to hold in my gut for almost ten minutes.

With all this taking place in real time, the juices went on high-viscosity red-light alert. It was mandatory that I hook the group fast if this is going to last, I thought going into phase one.

Phase one requires the exchange of concepts to consider as the body goes into overdrive. It is perfect environment to train mind and body together, to let go, de-stress and get the spirit and soul to join the parade. It can be magical.

Some of those concepts include:

Aggressive engagement.
Having a plan.
Leveraging the power of the group and the strength of others.
Pursuing the awesome experience.
Taking 100% responsibility for effort.
The willingness to pay the price for dreams.
Never giving up.
Never procrastinating.

Among others.

It was a great night. I think the hook has been properly set.

We shall see next Wednesday.

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