Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Day 4.104 She did not

Three eggs scrambled into sauteed garlic. Protein supplement with almond milk. Two cups of weak coffee. Breakfast today. It was a good start, despite the relative blandness of the Joe.

Got caught up with some project related details, did an interview with the local paper and I am now ready to tackle the day. Like a pissed-off linebacker.

Number one big thing is a 10K in the park. I need to hurry because this sun break looks to be losing its battle with the wind and rain.

Once the 6.2 has been successfully traversed (I would really like to start seeing some time improvements) it is back to the West Maui Loop video I have been working on, set list mash-up for tomorrow, the ongoing search for affordable housing, the ongoing search for sustainable employment and then the highlight of the day, another session in the PowerBarn tonight.

After the PB is the entertainment/wind-down nightly routine of a few episodes of 24 paired with two glasses of whatever sale-priced Australian shiraz remains. Last night I even popped some white corn with asiago cheese, red pepper flakes and black course ground pepper.

That is kinda it.

My routine.

Sometimes I wish I was a homeowner again with a mortgage and a 9-5 job to support it. Sometimes I wish Liz had said yes way back in 1970.

Other times I am happy I am not and she did not.

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