Saturday, April 11, 2015

Day 4.101 Lyrics

Once again I wind up with my cycling shoes stuck inside the pie hole. It happened during our regular Saturday 90 minute spin session at the Club. I am the host. It is a direct-drive dictatorship although at times I allow a fleeting glimpse of democracy as contrast. The premise is pretty simple: You show up ready to go, focus on the effort at hand and work hard. I mentioned this morning that anyone who came to our DGWO (dang good work out) seeking ordinary, average or mediocre had come to the wrong dojo.

Butt was kicked. Names were taken. There are no prisoners.

Yet during one endorphin fueled climb (one of many) I made the commitment to write lyrics like Dylan. Yes I would I cried.

So now I am stuck. I blurted a promise and now I must do or die.

Luckily I didn't say when I would finish the drill, so there is that. I have started however, and ask for a continuance in order to present my best work. Bob would go.

In other news, I am working on three video shoots:

Viking Tour Pre-Ride Video on April 26
Santa Fe Century
Viking Tour Ride
Chelan Century

It has turned into a be beautiful day here in the GPNW. My work is almost done.

Time to write some lyrics.

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