Thursday, April 16, 2015

Day 4.106 No big hurry

Sometimes I am inspired by the smallest thing. Something I hear, see, read, watch. Three minutes ago as I shielded my eyes from the blinding sun shimmering over the waters of Puget Sound, I heard a movement from a Beethoven opus. The mix was a magical one. Awed by the mountains and moved by the master, the moment magic.

I don't know why I can't hold the magic longer than I am currently able. Distractions, commitments, a cacophony of harsh reminders that work needs doing all conspire to take me out of the moment.

They drag me out by my feet as I scream in protest. STOP I just want to feel peaceful, calm and pain-free for another minute. PLEASE.

I am back to working standing up today as my right elbow is inflamed with some version of carpel tunnel syndrome. Arthritis might be hiding behind all this. I don't know but almost before the two Tylenol I popped yesterday had been absorbed I felt 100% better. That and a 2x20 set in the PB really did the trick. So much so that I over-celebrated during the last three episodes of Season One and now have a headache to accompany the elbow pain. So I now work standing to change the arm angle and wear a neoprene wrap. Makes it feel like a game somehow. Whatever it takes to stay there. In the game. Just like the good ole days, painkillers and rubber wraps.

All this leads to the quote I stumbled across last night (during the slow moments of the show I sneak in web peaks in case somebody should need me for something important, somewhere). The quote is this:

It's not about winning as much as it is about taking pride in our progress at any pace.

I think about that as I walk backwards from the window, the power and majesty of Ludwig's symphonic ode to beauty concludes with a climatic exclamation point and a timpani.

I consider my progress and the almost unbearable slowness with which it grows.

I look once more time at the sun and water, the Cascades behind, wondering if they perhaps feel the same way.

There is no big hurry.

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