Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Day 4.91 You will be rewarded

I probably should do something sneaky and stupid today, it being April Fools Day and all. But I will resist the temptation and carry on in the traditional manner you have come to expect and appreciate. 

There is some good news I would like to share, mostly because it gives me renewed purpose and hope, two ideals that I relentlessly hunt.

As you know the crowdfund campaign (getting a free RCV for a $25 contribution to cover expenses to - and hopefully from - Pucon, Chile) was a total flop. Of the 5K I estimated this trip would cost, we raised a weak 28%. This is totally my fault and I again would like the sincerely thank those of you who saw the underlying reasons for this endeavor and participated.

Really it was to create something out of nothing. It was an important project to provide entertainment value to thousands of people who cycle train indoors. It was also a way for me to be a job creator. One job: mine. I made enough mistakes in this campaign to fill ten shipping containers. Conversely, I learned enough to sell those containers and walk away with a profit. Strange, eh?

Although the contributions I cannot collect, through this experience the wisdom taken from the effort enabled me to negotiate a new agreement with my main client, contributor, partner and benefactor, resulting in a total reworking of our financial structure and compensation package.

Put another way, I am back to work. The watched pot has begun to boil!

I have agreed to assuming all the up-front risk. Meaning that if I spend 2K to get to a classic destination of global renown and it rains non-stop while I am there filming, I am out the dough. No reimbursement and no expense report to file. Just an Amex bill and a sad and soggy memory.

I will take this risk. Gladly even. I have worked many a day under treacherous conditions, with extreme pressure, in the danger zone and without a net. Nothing changes there.

Matter of fact, I rather appreciate the opportunity to throw in with the cosmos. I like the drama, the margin of error at zero.

In other words, I cannot fail.

Thanks again to everyone who had my back, placed a small bet on me and showed some faith in something other than a sure thing. 

You will be rewarded.

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