Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Day 4.119 Pipes

Part One. Over the weekend I did some horse trading. Gone is the vintage - but high maintenance - '78 Goldwing 1100. I bought it a year ago to test new camera mounting systems and thought I might use it for a few local shoots as well. It ended up doing hard tarp-covered time without the possibility of a roll.

From the Craig's List ad came an inquiry about a trade. How about my '98 Honda Shadow VT600 straight across? (asked Nick from Mill Creek)

After a day of negotiation, test rides and serious consideration, the deal was made. The glow of the Goldwing has faded to the blackness of the Shadow.

I still don't have a place to park it so yesterday I pulled this off:

Tossed Trixie (my fixie) into the truck (this after changing the rear tube), and sped off to the storage facility where the RV currently rests between assignments. Dropped off my bike and drove back to my brother's place where the Shadow was. Rode the Shadow back to the RV, ten miles or so (burning my leg on the exhaust pipe in the process as I was wearing shorts, dressing for the ride back and not the ride out). Rode the fixie back to my brother's, put it in the truck and drove home.

It was fun and I like the way it impacted only me. I didn't have to burden Dad or brother Michael for a ride. They are busy enough.

Part Two: Please check out this article on music and this one on music in training. In an informal poll this morning we learned that one can BOTH associate and a disassociate simultaneously. In this morning's set I heard NOTHING while going to max for 30 seconds, and heard EVERYTHING during the subsequent 90 seconds of recovery.

Part Three: Combining all of the above, the discussion came up last night about the use of bagpipes in Rock & Roll. Pleasing everyone (!) from moto to fixed gear riders, indoor and outdo cyclists and music lovers of all genres, the RCVman is pleased to provide you with the Rock & Roll TOP FIVE BAGPIPE TUNES OF ALL-TIME.

5) Sky Pilot, The Animals
4) Anthem, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band
3) Copperhead Road, Steve Earle
2) The Third Hurrah, Jethro Tull
1) It's a Long Way to the Top (If you Wanna Rock 'n Roll, AC/DC.

There you have it. Use them in good health and for good times. Pipe on.

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