Friday, April 10, 2015

Day 4.100 On the Bus

Amazing that we are at Day 100. One hundred days into the year. We are moving fast. Is stuff getting done?

I can't even remember my New Year's resolution. With a combination of jest and relief I feel comforted by the knowledge that should early onset of Alzheimer's appear even earlier than expected, I have a record of what has been taking place that might (or might not) have accelerated (or delayed) the alarming loss of memory that has been taking place. At least I think it has been taking place. I am not entirely certain.

To illustrate to myself the value of this I took a quick look back at posts from this date and their content. It has obviously been a wild ride on a runaway train (wreck).

Here they are with themes and topics.

2014 Hang in there dude!
2013 Gone Phishin.
2012 Quit negative thinking.
2011 Tall stack.
2010 Albany & TJ 1/2.
2009 The Competition.
2008 One with Everything.

Like I say it has been a wild ride.

I think choice comes from awareness. I think sometimes the big lessons come from pain. I think our spirit seeks change but our bodies don't. I think time is speeding up (maybe as a result of global warming) and we are left with something both finite and fleeting.

The time we have left. We are 100 days into 2015. Yikes!

Time to get on the bus.

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