Sunday, March 29, 2015

Day 3.88 Find that courage

I had three important conversations yesterday. They all came after a particularly intense 90 minute indoor cycling session. One in which I had to rally the troops (and myself) to complete the mission we had started. To each participant, and myself, I asked for the courage to find a way in themselves to close out our session with focus, attitude and strength. I implored them to give everything at the finish despite the fatigue, the hunger, the pain and the seeming impossibility of the request.

And they did. And I did. We found the upper level.

This word gets tossed around more than green salad, but it was awesome. Totally awesome. I was elated, proud, satisfied and completely spent.

And by that I mean that I felt hyper alive and thrilled to have taken part in such a dramatic example of the power we all possess as individuals and exponentially as part of a  team.

Two of the conversations immediately afterwords reinforced what I felt.

The third taking place later in the day with someone who has been struggling with challenge on all fronts. You know that feeling of desperation and darkness where there seems to be no hope?

As we talked over ice cream, I fell into the same old monologue; You know them: Listen to your heart, whatever decision you make is the one you will must live with, take care of yourself, make one good choice today and another tomorrow, don't take anything personally….. on and on.

Until I got the message.

Take the lessons and skills from the things you do well - and apply their protocols to the things that you don't.

Find that courage.

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