Monday, March 9, 2015

Day 3.68 Wanted Dead or Alive

This is a tough one.


Your fuel and your comfort.

Everybody loves to eat. I even enjoy coking. BUT…………….

We all know, but most of us choose to deny, that our diets could use a dash of discipline and a pinch of proscription. We can surely add by subtraction.

If losing weight is a concern, be it to get healthy, get lighter or to achieve your racing weight, there are as many fallacies out there as there are facts.

It is an increasingly insidious reality that causes me to reclassify the two kinds of people. Here goes:

1) Those that want your happiness. (friends)
2) Those that want your money. (foes)

You want washboard abs in 30 days?
You want to lose 30 lbs in 30 days?
You want a miracle?

Or do you want to commit to what actually works, takes time and effort and costs nothing?

Congratulations if you chose the latter on the list. Because that, or liposuction, are the only ways. We do that, exactly, how?

You have heard this a thousand times, this will make 1001.

Diet and exercise. We talk a lot about exercise here, today lets segue the conversation to diet. And start easy.

Look at your diet. Note it. Write it down. I will bet you gold and silver that it exceeds the RDA of two thousand calories.

Analyze what you are ramming down the pie hole, its quality and its quantity. Add by subtraction. Remove the crap. Add veggies. Reduce total calories. This means portion control. It doesn't have to be spartan or painful. It simply has to be. Then look for the villains. They are usually empty calorie carbohydrates. Lose or reduce them. Sentence them to hard time.

My villains might as well be Bonnie & Clyde, or the James Gang. Empty, addictive, waiting to ambush. They might be yours as well. Take a good hard look.


Bread and beer.

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