Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Day 3.69 Thanks Too Much

Chronologically it went.

Brother. Nephew. Father.

Brother is seeking financial assistance. Nephew had time to down some eggs, strawberries and a mini-muffin before a ride to the school bus. Father is undergoing a painful stay at the nursing and care facility. I stopped by to see how he was coping and to bring some hot coffee.

And my day was underway.

Brother said that he was going to call his neighbor who has been overly helpful with Nephew, as he is best friends with neighbor's son.

Nephew says that school is OK and they are practicing four scores for the Spring Concert. He plays the bass clarinet. There is baseball practice after school.

Father remains disoriented and frustrated. He wants to go home but he is not ready. The T12 compression fracture is healing slowly, as is the case for most 82 year-old folks.

I am now back at work creating a Tilt campaign to raise travel funds for an RCV trip to Pucon, Chile.

Something that Brother said lingers in my memory.

He said that he wanted to say thanks, but wasn't sure if he should.

Why not? I inquired.

I have thanked him twice already.

It is my experience  that you can never say thank you too much.

Chronologically it goes.

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