Monday, March 2, 2015

Day 3.61 Change the Oil

Maybe you have noticed, maybe not.

I haven't been recording much data of late about my heart. You know, the one that gets an electrical charge 94% of the time from an implanted device. I haven't been documenting much about the meds that accompany and assist the device in maintaining the cardiological stasis known as sinus rhythm, either. The reason is simple: There isn't much to report and what there is to report is boring as hell. Even to me.

The mechanical and technological components of the 2014 Medtronic MRI Sure Scan A2DR01 PaceMaker (with an MVP complete care management accessory) work flawlessly. The device seems to be the equivalent of the '65 Mustang or a '79 Honda Goldwing, classics. Sure, there are some nasty side effects from the medications, but overall there isn't much to do but wash, wax and change the oil every three grand. I could document the insomnia, constipation and dizziness but I will spare you the indignity (as I spare myself.)

In place of the nursing chart will be, effective immediately, the daily protocols which make up my/our training regimen. After all, that is what I do and who I am, not an invalid with a laptop.

So here we go.

This morning's session featured (the cute) numerology of the month and day, meaning we executed the 3.2 protocol. Please remember you can do these with any bike, trainer or ergometer using RPE, rate of perceived exertion or FTP. This morning on the club's Kaiser M3s we used gears.

3 minutes standing in gear 16.
2 minutes seated recovery at 7 and 120 RPM.
3 minutes standing in gear 17.
2 minutes seated recovery at 7 and 120 RPM.
Repeat in ascending progression maintaining the recovery parameters.

You get the idea. We topped out at a rare 21 (of 24), maintaining 55 RPM and repeated the progression for the entire hour.

It was a fanny kicker and we needed the AC/DC, Phish, Steely Dan and Dire Straits to assist with those precious moments that dramatically differentiate quality from quantity.

Tonight is a 10 mile time trial in the PowerBarn as we kick off our annual Madness in March Indoor Cycling Tournament.

I trust I will be recovered by 1800.

And don't forget to change the oil.

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