Sunday, March 1, 2015

Day 3.60 Ideas to pick

"As humans we are meant to create and bring forth ideas into creation."

I really like that one.

Today is Sunday. It is warm (comparatively) in Seattle. Yesterday afternoon I shot video of the town and the mountain. Those of you living in the GPNW know of what I speak. It was crisp and unfiltered as I shot alternating time-lapse video of brick and clay, steel and glass, granite and snowpack, beak and feather. The last two because two bald eagles were shopping for dinner over the gently rolling waters of Murden Cove on Bainbridge Island. I happened to be there watching.

To create. Across the board. I have a primal need to create good health. I want to be able to freely and gracefully navigate through this magical labyrinth. I also enjoy testing and training, creating challenge (as if there wasn't already enough.) When in the flow EVERYTHING is ideas and creation. The downtown skyline amazes me in its complexity and architecture, Mt. Rainier, on a day like yesterday, is breathtaking. The eagles added a final stroke of natural perfection. I am part of all this creation, ideas relentlessly begging for attention. Sometimes they shout.

I stood there and watched as inspiration from this spectacular moment in time etched my soul like the images captured on film at 60 frames per second (progressive).

Today I would like to create a better me. A more harmonious and connected me. Where ideas burst forth into creation with less struggle and more joy. I don't need to ask, I just need to do.

Should they fail to mature to fruition today, their seeds have been planted. Might be ready tomorrow, might be spring. In the meantime I will make sure as best I can to properly respond when they ripen. Harvest as creation. I have ideas to pick and pack. And the sun is up.

Video is in render.

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