Thursday, March 5, 2015

Day 3.64 Get to Work Ben

We were talking about quality. Again.

I suggested that no one came here because they are wanting the mediocre. No one wants a little more 'easy'. We desire to be tested. We want to know more about ourselves. We are not content to wallow in the comfort zone any longer. The time to charge is NOW.

Further, I asked for the challenge.

Bring me the twenty became the rally cry, sabers rattling at fifteen.

Give me the impossible, the ridiculous. Give me your best shot. Or stand aside as we pass.

If indeed our high intensity sessions are proxy for life's challenge, and if the meaning of one is to augment the other, then you are going to have ask, evoke and seek, the road less traveled. You know, the steep one, with potholes, with detours, road-kill and a relentless wind in your face.

There is no victory in the middle. There is no reward for fear. There is no lifetime achievement award for those whose body of work is 50% fat.

Quality has a cost. If you seek a better definition, a higher understanding and greater value, you will have to pay.

That payment is in currency not adorned with the caricatures of former presidents.

Get to work Ben.

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