Saturday, March 21, 2015

Day 3.80 The Hunter

This I truly believe:

Whatever you choose to be doing HAS to be worth everything. It HAS to be the most important thing. You must tackle it with 100% focus and bravado. You can take no prisoners. And all this HAS to be done - no matter what, doing whatever it takes.

Or don't do it.

Don't even start. Because if you toss the towel, quit, back-off, second-guess or succumb to weakness, you will make it worse. You will secretly despise your character, see your excuse as legitimate, and dummy down to an unacceptable level of output. This you will accept as your best.

Perhaps the most damaging phrase I hear every day needs further examination.

"I am doing the best I can."



If that shallow, trite, pithy, cheap and condescending alibi is YOUR DEEP AND SINCERE TRUTH, then you're off the hook.

If indeed you are doing the best you can, across the board, in sum, relentlessly maxed-out, then you have not only wiggled off the hook, you have become the hunter, and that slothful party at the other end of the line had better haul ass outta here.

Because that is all we ask. Become the hunter and simply do your best. Always.

Then we can start.

This I truly believe.

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