Friday, March 27, 2015

Day 3.86 Trending Upwards Jack

Practice with focus reinforces your commitment and significantly increases your chance of success.

Passive learning is fine, but not enough.

The best way to improve ANYTHING is to do it.

Often. Always. Relentlessly.

Watching how it affects your mind, your body and your spirit.

The body is the easy part. (How I wish that was an altruism!). We were born to move. We have an incredible gift in ambulation. We can get from here to there any number of ways. We can get there in a New York minute or take our sweet Texas time.

I was thinking about extremes today. The space between genius and stupidity. Between love and its empty counterpart. Between maximal effort and laziness. Between fit and fat. Courage and fear. Faith and desperation. Hypocrisy and truth. Then and now.

While I navigated my little truck thru the mine-field of a state route (in this case 305), the wind in my ear remind me that it is not so much about BEING one or the other, but TRENDING towards it.

I am not a genius. But I learned something important today.
I am not in love with one person, but many.
I am quite fond of maximal effort, yet judge myself lazy at times.
By most measurements I am fit, yet I carry excess fat.
Sometimes I feel like Jack Bauer, other times scared shitless about the future.
I have faith that one day I will be free of desperation.
There are some hypocrisies, but way more truth.
If only I had made a few different choices way back then, maybe things wouldn't be so strange today.

Or not.

I pull to the curb to allow a screaming ambulance to pass. As the obnoxious but utilitarian sound subsides, I hear a metaphor's shrill statement:

Just trend upwards. Get a touch, one step, closer to your ideal. Head in that direction with all your heart and all your focus. Move towards the light you want to be.

And don't stop.

This is the practice.

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