Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Day 3.62 Meaningful Work

As we did yesterday, I am ordering a new tactic to the strategy. Strategy being above and tactics below. Strategy is the what and tactics the how. The Boss gives us the strategy and we execute that plan, the mission, by putting our tools, experience and talent into play. We are the foot soldiers on the ground, in the mud spilling our blood to carry out the mandate.

Perhaps that is over simplification. Point being that in order to be successful we have to completely buy-in the the plan. We have to be willing to sacrifice. We have to give. One must be willing to die for the cause (a BIG reason why terrorists, fanatics and fundamentalists are so dangerous to society.)

My concern here is for me. Because I feel that the only way I can serve community is by being the best I can be and hence, inspiring, motivating, encouraging and leading others. By example mostly, but some times that alone isn't enough, forcing a change in tactics. The strategy holds. The methods evolve.

This is the same whether a foxtrot or a firefight. Once again the stakes have been raised. I woke this morning facing a whole new situation. Time is running out.

So I need to play a longshot. Gamble a little and trust my instincts. Intuition and gut reaction. Put some faith in the impeccable leadership of the unknown.

You know how sometimes you get an image of someone from the past, and ten minutes later they call or send a FB message? You know how you think of a song and sometime later in the day, maybe at the bakery, you hear it? This seemingly coincidental serendipity, I feel, has a broader application. One we can use to our benefit. Or me to mine.

That is the new tactic. To push this cosmic agenda. Effective immediately (now) we will use a material and tangible noun (person, place or thing) to evoke another noun (sometime there might be an adjective as quantifier.) This will seem overly selfish at first glance but please remember the reason why they instruct putting YOUR oxygen mask on first. Because if you can't breathe, you simply cannot help anyone else. On this, the FAA gets it right.

Deep breath.

I am thinking about meaningful work. Because I need to align my need for purpose with the reality of every day cash flow. This is an old story, told in many ways, often.

Today I think of it with all the energy and faith I can evoke. I need some magic.

Meaningful work. Meaningful work. Meaningful work. Meaningful work.

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