Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Day 3.84 Let that go

Avocados and eggs.

I wish I had the avocado tree that grew in the back yard of a house I once rented in Orange County, CA. It was immense, gnarled and prodigious. There grew hundreds of avocados on every giant limb. I made guacamole by the gallon.

I wish I had a hen house. Like the one on my ranch in Carlton, WA. Not only did we keep an efficient team of Rhode Island Reds but geese, and a hybrid of turkeys and chickens, we called turkuns. It was not uncommon for weekend breakfasts to feature ten-egg omelets.

Now avocados are $1.50 each and I own no hens. How I miss that small bit of self-sufficiency!

What else do I miss?

My '65 Mustang.
My cabin.
My Rodgers XP8 drum kit.
My friends in the Indian Ocean.
My Mom.
My health and fitness.
My job.
All the girls I have ever loved (was that a song?)

Missing and wishing. Miss this and that, wish this or that.

Attachments. All and everything. How I cling.

The reality is that all those things are missing (gone) from the present. Did I ever think they would last forever? Yes, I did.

Do I wish otherwise? Yes, I do. Sometimes.

Let that go. Please.

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