Sunday, March 8, 2015

Day 3.67 !

There is a lot going on.

Always is.

Consider the algorithm of one person's sphere of circumstance as it radiates outward into space. Multiply that by six billion.

For good measure toss in cellular communication, cloud data transfer, high frequency micro waves and electronic transmissions.

You get a jumble of cross-feed, interference, noise bleeding where silence and calm once thrived.

A real mess.

However, between each rising of sun and moon, we have a chance to do some good. Maybe for ourselves by taking the vital time necessary for self-care, by assisting others as they struggle with life's complexities, or simply by adhering to the layman's Hippocratic Oath and do no harm.

Personally, I try to add one exclamation point to every day. That might be a totally focused and intense work out, it might be one successful phone conversation, it could be creating a safer and more secure environment for someone in pain or it might be resisting the urge to consume.

Lord knows that of late there has been a plethora of opportunity to pick one of the above and get a touch closer to the truth. That truth:

99% of the time when we say we are doing our best, we lie.


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