Monday, March 30, 2015

Dat 3.89 Overnight

Great session this morning. I was wrong in expecting a small turnout as today is the official start of the phenomenon known as spring break. Spring break being, I guess, the time that people, especially those with kids, go places.

This has always confused me. Like the boating season. It could be my propensity to seek alternatives to convention or it could be more pragmatic in that I do not care to do/go - where/when everybody else does. If I feel like taking a break I don't need Spring to tell me it's time. If I want to paddle a kayak in December, guess what?

About half way through our 60 minute workout (it is now habit), I honored The Beatles (again) by playing the original mono version of "I'm Looking Through You." from the incredible 1965 LP Rubber Soul.

I had never perfectly heard, and therefore never shower-sung, one particular lyric. I caught me off guard. It is not as profound as some Lennon/McCartney lyrics certainly are, and it quite frankly leans to the side of cliche, a trifling triteness when spoken, but a pot of gold when sung in three-parts.

'Love has a nasty habit of disappearing overnight.'

I commented that there are a lot of things that share that same nasty habit.

Further, I addressed the nasty habit of good health, peak fitness and disciplined momentum fleeting equally as fast. Like overnight.

The take is this: Don't let it happen. Don't let a single day wiggle away.  Vigilantly move towards your goals. Do not be sidetracked simply because somebody says you need a break, or it is time to sail.

Make hard effort a routine. Rest and recover. Repeat.

Because fitness shares the same nasty habit as love.

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