Thursday, March 12, 2015

Day 3.71 By Bike

I used to get mildly amused about how many forms of transportation it took me to get from A to B.

One trip, might have been the Canary Islands, it looked like this: Shuttle bus, ferry, light rail, Boeing 757, Airbus 380, shuttle bus, taxi, rental car. And I was going there to film bike racing!!!

Imagine my fond remembrance this morning when I decided to 'get it done'.

It went as follows: Truck (Ford Ranger) Trixie (My fixie), RV (33' Fleetwood), truck again, Honda Goldwing GL1100, fixie again, truck again. And tonight we train on indoor cycles!!!

The Transportation Boogie in A!

Editorially, as much as I like my truck, have fun driving the RV and get a kick out of the Goldwing, by far the best of them is my bike.

It is so much fun getting out on the asphalt with a single gear. There is one infamous 11% grade en route today about which I was a tad nervous, but we hammered up it like a journeyman carpenter with a new Estwing. Nailed it.

I anxiously await the first real ride of the season. I think I am ready. Workouts have been progressing nicely and I have been feeling cheerful and chipper of late. They are closely tied together, these two. Confidence and gratitude are the speed and power of life.

I think we are moving in the right direction.

And (given a choice) I will take the joie de vivre of the single-geared bicycle above all others.

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