Thursday, March 26, 2015

Day 3.85 Soap Lake Lava Lamp

I took the mound this morning and pitched to a big hitter. In my relentless pursuit of what I like to call 'an honest living.'

I will no doubt provide details along the rough and rocky road of the process, but what caught my interest as I did initial research (validity testing) was a series of seemingly random, but very connected, stops along the way.

Some sample buzz:

Innovators and early adapters.
How to touch people.
Ideas that spread - win.
More choices on less time.
Is it remarkable?
Sell to people who are listening.

In Seth Godin's TED presentation he astutely connects these important dots, finishing with mention of a little town in Washington that he says, looking at a projected map, that if this is nowhere, Soap Lake is the middle of it.

He then told us about the brilliance of the lava lamp.

The 60' one that Soap Lake wants to build as a tourist attraction.

It was as if the flood gates of the Grand Coulee dam had opened.

Well, the initial round of remark-ability measurement has been completed.

The Soap Lake Lava Lamp fits every criteria of a remarkable concept. I hope they make it.

I hope I do too. Stay tuned.

Pictured above are remnants from one of the many Kitsap County, WA Mosquito Fleet landings. There is a bicycle trail that now connects them. Like dots. Like how a pitcher is connected to the pitched-to.

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