Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Day 3.70 Cuppa Joe & Go

Four chores.

Swirl around my mind like a sheet of single ply toilet paper in a dust devil.

None of them game changers, none of them even remotely difficult.

All they really are is a honey-do list.

Things that must get done. I have them filed chronologically. In my view they will come as naturally as my next breath. I must focus on one at a time, full attention in overdrive, not rushing one to get to the other. Nothing half way.

The first one starts at 0430. I like a clean and crisp open. Hit the ground running. Cuppa Joe and Go. The Eagle flies.

After that will come the second, and don't forget the minor third.

After that, the two that I dread. A visit and a phone call.

Still, they must be done. I have postponed the final pair until after today's post, thinking that is what they deserve. Low priority.

Are low priority chores the one's that should be done first?

I just added a fifth.

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