Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Day 3.63 I Don't Care

My cynical side says:

I don't care,
so what, and
leave me alone.

I struggle with this a lot. Politics: I don't care. Celebrity and fortune: So what? Fear, hatred and apathy: Leave me the hell alone.

I remember once getting irritated and obstinate with a gal because she suggested that the media is ultimately responsible. For what? I asked incredulously. For everything, she resounded.

No they're not. We are.

We create the media. We are the media. They simply report on what we do. It is a mirror. Granted there is a pronounced tendency to exaggerate the negative, playing the 'if it bleeds - it leads' card, but they are not the culprits. We is. We have not only met the enemy, we have hopped into the sack with them.

Any wonder most of us, the cultural creatives, have dropped out, opting for alternatives to the basics of survival and spiritual growth?

Apathetic, unimpressed, sad.

But not defeated. We stand united willing to follow compassionate leadership. And if that cannot be found, we must stay true to ourselves and ready to act when called.

Yes that means multi-tasking. Today's rip-roaring set challenged our abilities to stay centered and combine mind, body and spirit into a sixty-minute celebration. Here is the protocol:

Five minute warm up.
15 seconds of a standing charge approaching 100%
45 seconds seated recovery.
X 5.
5 minute recovery at 120 RPM after each set.

Striving to keep a relaxed focus and dynamic breathing throughout.

I continue to believe that if one can train body and mind together, that partnership has the power to locate the soul.

Anything less than that I don't care, so what and leave me alone.

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