Monday, March 23, 2015

Day 3.82 Target: Pucon

Here is the rough draft I sent over to HQ for approval this morning. It's not like this is the first time you have heard of the campaign, but it is going out to our 50K+ users maybe as soon as tomorrow and for them it will be the first look. Hope I got it right. You have been on-board for a while so you know what is at stake.

If you have always wanted to ride exotic and remote 'bucket list' routes, now is your chance. The popular CompuTrainer Real Course Video line of indoor training products wants you as a partner. The model is to crowd-fund a series of videos shot around the world in stunning, picturesque and challenging locations. Can't get there? We'll bring the next best thing direct to your door!

A $25 contribution gets you the RCV upon capture, production and processing, almost half-price of the existing product line. The Pucon campaign is underway. We stand at 22% of target. We would like to gauge the outcome of this campaign in order to create momentum for subsequent videos.

And to encourage a successful start, RacerMate, for TWO DAYS ONLY, (Thursday & Friday, March 26 & 27) will match all contributions!

Add another layer to your indoor training motivation by contributing today. Should this test campaign prove successful, we are prepared to extend the series to five volumes by the end of this year. Your involvement gives you a share of the future. You decide where you want to ride.

South Africa?
New Zealand?

CompuTrainer wants YOU on OUR team. Please visit our campaign site and join us today. The Pucon, Chile campaign has only one week remaining. We need to act.

Now is the time. Pucon is the place. Together we can.

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