Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Day 3.76 Fund it here

On task.
On point.

We are down to fourteen days folks. Just two weeks to go in our campaign to crowdfund the start of an entire new project. Our model creates a library of the most spectacular cycling routes and the highest profile bike segments in exotic locations around the world. I go and you get. (A mere) Twenty-five dollars is your entry fee to a collection of video shot in high-definition that will entertain, educate and, most importantly, keep you motivated to train more indoors. We have selected Pucon, Chile as the first stop in our global mission to bring home the video fun.

We need to stay focused as we head towards the finish line. You know the feeling of getting close. It demands all you got, physical and mental. YOU NEED TO FOCUS.

Please join our team today. We must get out of the gate with a successful initial campaign in order to attract corporate sponsorship for future volumes. This is proof of concept. We have to make it work. We need to to stay on task. We must keep on point. FOCUS.

Thank you.


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