Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Day 3.77 Thanks Amazon dot com stepped up last night making the largest single contribution to date!!! In doing so their web services department took us over the 10% hump. We are rolling folks, close to the finish (13 days remain) but still far from our target. I need to find a way, that magic combination, of urgency and need, to increase the percentage of compliance. THIS MEANS YOU! As the photos illustrate, in both group pictures we have a meager 25% response. WE NEED 100% folks. AND WE NEED IT NOW. TODAY. I can't sit around and wait for Microsoft, Starbucks, Boeing, or Nordstroms to get it. But you, I do.


And btw, this is the most important element of my existence right now. All focus (see yesterday's post) is on this campaign. I need to make this happen. It is my job. I was reminded again yesterday that if one's effort and goals are pure and total, the money will show up.

My effort is sincere and my goals are pure. Please team with me on this. Thanks.

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