Saturday, June 27, 2015

Day 6.178 Weird

Kinda weird?

All my dreams are way weird. Not kinda, sorta or maybe.

Way beyond weird.

After my meeting with the sleep experts Wednesday, I am now firmly in, as is my style, 'prove them wrong' mode.

Despite the medication induced trends of the last eight months, and the physical changes that brought them into reality, I steadfastly refuse to admit that I have depression, insomnia or sleep disorders of any magnitude.

And since I refuse to further tax my poor system with additional pharmaceuticals, this is going to be another process with which we must endure and adapt.

And we will.

Last night might have been a REM milestone. Allow me to explain.

I am entering a building out of the hot summer sun and into an air conditioned building that I recognize as my former office. I walk past the front desk where the receptionist looks at me like I might be an escaped criminal. I am naked with the exception of a pair of faded and torn Levis.

I get to my office and there is a football on my chair. I pick it up and play solo catch as I try to remember what it is that I do. I look for Bob, he will surely suggest that I get my lazy, iconoclastic ass back to work.

Down a dreary and cold concrete hallway I look into the many small rooms. I see Robert DeNiro talking to Lauren Bacall. We exchange glances and he gives me a Sicilian eyebrow of recognition and she just smiles. Instantly I feel 1000% better.

Down the hall Meg Ryan is wagging a finger near the chest of Nick Nolte. I think that this cold be good but need to find my answers, so I take my football on a slant towards the endzone.

In the third room Kiefer Sutherland is consoling Marisa Tomei. Although I know not of what the consolation is regarding, I sense that its importance is of immediate national security. I get the message loud and clear: NO NOT FUMBLE.

At the end of the hall I remember my job. I turn and begin to retrace my steps back to where I was before. The comfort, security and meaning of my job.

But the football is gone and I am riding my bike in Hawaii.


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