Monday, June 1, 2015

Day 6.152 In celebration

Having finished off session number two, I hop over to catch the last few innings of Junior's playoff game. His team, The Tigers, are on a roll. As is my nephew. I am so happy for him. Confidence at age twelve is a hard-earned commodity.

We talked about it in class this morning. You can't always be the strongest or the fastest, but you can be the toughest.

These tiny moments of growth, be them in the gym or out on the field are gold. They are precious points on our personal timelines.

They demand celebration.

And then they need to be used as stepping stones for further successes and victories.

We lose often enough.

When we win or make advances towards continual growth, or watch and witness our teammates bask in that special sunshine, we should drop everything and have a sandwich and a beer in celebration.

The adult us. Not the twelve.

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