Saturday, June 13, 2015

Day 6.164 A blank sheet

How wonderful to have a forum specifically dedicated to my opinions.

Seriously, the NYT, LAT, USA Today, WAPO and hundreds of others, pay handsomely for words on a topic known as op-ed.

Opinion editorials.

Sometimes they are damn good. Thought provoking and interesting. Most of the time, in fact.

Not too surprisingly, however, sometimes the topic du jour is on a subject I care as much about as, say, how bananas get to market.

The only way I would be interested in that would be if the by-line carried the moniker K. Kong.

To have the world as my oyster is a huge responsibility. I have vowed to harvest some sort of rhetorical shellfish on a daily basis. Sometimes we dredge the sea-beds and come up with a net full of bottom feeders, but every once in a great while, we land a keeper.

I have them both mounted and they proudly hang behind my oak desk. Sandwiched tastefully between my All Metro League award certification from 1972.

They remind me, as all good fisherman (and shortstops)  know, that patience is a virtue. You have to hang in there and trust the cosmos, or Poseidon, or Ahab or The Old Man or Cal Ripken Jr. If you keep at anything long enough, something of value will emerge. You might get good or you might get lucky. Maybe even both.

Am I right?

There is a crusty old adage that reminds us that even a broken clock is right twice a day. That one is so altruistic that it even applies in the modern digital world - a place where flashing 12:00 yells bingo both at noon and midnight.

So imagine my disappointment this beautiful afternoon, with all my chores accomplished, a high-quality ninety minute spin session in the books and nothing to do but study another couple of 24 episodes ( I am in season seven, absolutely loving the Jack, Tony, Chloe and Bill outside the government work), and I have……

…nothing to say.

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