Saturday, June 6, 2015

Day 6.157 Guitar Jane

Great set this morning.

We uncorked the following magical elixir, allowed it to breathe and then took our sweet Texas time in ninety New York minutes. Whatever state that took us to.

10 minute warm up.
8/110 for .30 seated
9/110 for .30   "
10/110 for .30 "
11/110 for .30 "

Three minutes standing in gear 18 (of 24)
One minute seated in same gear (no touch)

Ninety seconds of recovery @ 7/120

We did this protocol ten times.

It was of high value. It was a challenging blend of speed, power and endurance. The brief recovery time was at high cadence.

There was nowhere to hide.

Sounding like a politician at a whistle stop, I again tried to impress upon the group the importance of staying focused. Of tending to the task and the myriad benefits of correct breathing and positive reinforcement. We discussed the holy trio of mind, body and spirit.


There was something special about this morning's work, something beyond the obvious sizzling grind of Sultans of Swing to Sweet Jane.

I think we made a quantum leap today. Several powerful elements coming together in steady-state perfect pitch. This is serious stuff. We are changing our part in the whole, and therefore changing the whole.

I hope I wasn't the only one to feel it.

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