Friday, June 12, 2015

Day 6.163 Takes Guts

It takes guts. That's right, like riding a unicycle in front of the pro peloton.

You must preform your due diligence. You need to research and master the Google tool. You need to measure and manage. It takes courage.

You already know (because I just conducted a poll using this group as demographic, so I know that you know) that there are three elements, all contributing fairly equally, to your health and fitness.

ONE: One must eat well.
TWO: One must engage in some form of exercise.
THREE: One must manage one's stress.

Simple as one, two, three, right?

Well, kind of. But as good a start as these three represent, there is, as usual, more. For the sake of this post we will conveniently skip the role that genetics plays. Save that juicy one for later.

More means nuance, detail and awareness.

Let's look at number one. You might ask, as have millions of others, what that means. The cheapest meal that satisfies my basic needs costs three bucks, is available on (almost) every street in America and is glorified by a billion dollar advertising campaign to hook you early and keep you late. Or take organics. You have undoubtedly noticed that they are expensive. Meat, once the bastion of the bourgeois, also beefed-up behind a market campaign twice the size of the GNP of Texas, is, in the words of conscientious abstainers, murder.  I happen to agree.

So what the heck does eating well look like? Is it a diet? Must we spend five hours a day foraging in search of fresh, local and organic? What about dairy? Fish? Are we getting enough nutrients from our food in a world farmed with pesticides, poisons and mega profits for big agra?

Short answer is no.

There has to be a compromise.

And I think I have discovered one.

Fad diets.

That's right. The secret is the latest fad. Do it.  Follow whatever ridiculous diet ranks highest on the NY Times best-seller list. And then follow what naturally comes after.

Start with grapefruit (and nothing but the fruit). Then do vegan. Then gluten free. Then free range organic. Then paleo. Then high-protein, low-carb. Try fasting. Quit grains. Quit drinking hops and smoking weeds. Limit your masturbation to once a week.

Whatever diet you choose, whatever path you seek, however obnoxious and shallow the premise and the promise….


Nobody said it was going to be a garden of rodents.

It takes guts. Show some.

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